Colorado shooting: A day of prayerful memorials and a presidential visit (+video)

As more news emerged about Friday night's mass shooting in a Colorado theater showing the latest Batman movie, Sunday became a day of remembering the victims in prayerful memorials, a visit by President Obama to thank first responders and the families of those lost and wounded, and a continuing discussion of gun violence in America.

Aurora, Colo., police report that all of the hazardous material in alleged shooter James Holmes’ booby-trapped apartment had been removed and transported to a disposal site. Meanwhile, a FBI Evidence Response Team (ERT) remains on scene processing the apartment for evidence.

Mr. Holmes is scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning. He is reported to be in solitary confinement for his own protection from other inmates who threatened his life upon hearing that his alleged victims included young children.

Comfort in response to the shootings in Colorado

Officials report that Holmes was able to buy two handguns, a shotgun, an assault rifle, and about 6,000 rounds of ammunition in recent months – all of it legally.

While President Obama and Republican presidential candidate (and most elected officials, for that matter) have largely stayed clear of the politically-toxic subject of gun control, that is not true of all officials.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney, (D) of New York, is calling for a ban on large-capacity ammunition magazines used on the kind of assault rifle that was part of James Holmes’ deadly arsenal.

“As things stand right now, there is absolutely nothing to stop another madman – or even someone on the terror watch list – from walking into a gun store and buying all the large-capacity bullet magazines he could carry,” she said Saturday. Cosponsoring the legislation is Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, also a New York Democrat, whose husband was killed and son severely wounded by a man who randomly shot 25 passengers on a Long Island Rail Road commuter train in 1993.

 As he has in the past, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke out Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“It’s up to these two presidential candidates,” Mr. Bloomberg said, referring to Obama and Romney. “They want to lead this country, and they’ve said things before that they’re in favor of banning things like assault weapons. Where are they now, and why don’t they stand up? And if they want our votes, they better.”

Because it happened not far away in Colorado, the moments of terrifying shooting in Aurora brought to mind the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School.

Tom Mauser, whose 16-year-old son Daniel was killed that day, has become a strong gun control advocate.

"We’ve seen mass shootings in just about any place you can imagine: movie theaters, bars, nursing homes, schools," he told the Huffington Post, noting that more people die in gun violence every day than the death toll in Aurora.


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A dragon single change hands layup H 9 points to the London Guoshao rely on real ability

RUTHERFORD News Beijing July 22,Obey Snapbacks the second game of the Chinese Basketball 2012 London Olympic warm-up Sai Bolan station, the last 0.7 seconds of the Chinese Basketball suffered lore ,79-81 lost to Poland, 18 war 13 results of the victory the end of the summer, warm-up match. After the end of the field, the team will direct placement and the London Olympic Village, to prepare for Beijing on July 29, the first Olympic race, the first Olympic opponents for Spain. Guo Allan bright spots, play the whole game for the team 11 points.
Chinese men's basketball last night reversal of Poland made the two teams warm-up first win after the game Guo own microblogging wrote: "Today's competition team up and down are very tenacious, always in the first section backward to catch up won the game, hope this indomitable spirit has been maintained. "However, yesterday, that game Guo Allan did not get too many performance opportunities, he only played four minutes, relying on free throws by 2 points, but tonight's game the real stage of Guo Allan.
Out to avoid the consideration of the main injuries, Hua Germany did not allow Liu Wei played, which gives more opportunity to perform in two teenager Chen and Guo Ailun Guo Ailun first section end of the game off the bench and in the second period began the individual performances. The second period began more than a minute, Poland's attack did not hit, protect the Chinese men's basketball rebounds the ball to the ball after Guo Allan, Guo Ailun full speed ahead, to see the retreat in Poland is not very fast, Guo Ailun simply a man who kills the restricted area to the other, a breakthrough change hands layup, the ball can be said to be caught flat-footed to the Polish team, they probably do not know the men's basketball array hidden rapid kid.
Guo Ailun confidence to play out, attack and defense conversion back hit this ball, Chicago Bulls Snapback Hats Guo Ailun organizations aware of each other to take care of their own is not tight in the offensive directly to an emergency stop jumper scored 2 points, Poland offensive, the Chinese men's basketball instigated back Guo Ailun use cover broke into each other inside face of the Polish ace Gortat stepped forward to fill the anti-Guo Allan did not fear, he used a lightweight projectile hit the ball, Liaoning Sports commentator commented: "This note of throwing The cast is really beautiful, should have been a true biography of Yang Ming, This action, like the martial arts secrets of Yang Ming ah! "In this way, Guo Allan scored 6 points to help the Chinese men's basketball has made ​​a 29-25 lead. The middle of Section II, Guo Allan also hit a record one-third way, he scored nine points in the second period, a single section, called the attack power amazing.
Released by the Chinese men's basketball Olympic list, some people think that the staff of the back line is slightly bloated, with three point guard to go to London there is no need, however, Hua Germany is obviously not such a consideration, Hua Germany's eyes, Guo Allan is not a pure point guard player, he has the ability to score domestic a lot on the 2nd player can not be compared, in addition, he was able to provide the Tang handsome appreciate and value the quality of defense, the whole game to the critical moment of the last five minutes, the Polish team attack , Guo Ailun from Gortat held aloft by the hands of the ball stolen, then struggling from two Polish players caught out of the Chinese Basketball Bodevaluable ball. Is a back line, versatile player, how can we miss the men's basketball Olympic trip?
Guo Ailun also use the final warm-up match to London before that, men's basketball with him to take to London not only to exercise and train young, Guo Ailun in this men's basketball in place makes sense. London Olympic Games, will be the debut Olympic Games Guo Ailun personal career, the young and famous, the teenager known as "the talented guard, will be used to produce what the respondents, we will wait and see.




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